Even the most seasoned and experienced advertising experts can go astray at times, leaving your core needs on the back burner while they cook-up the next big digital marketing campaign! While cooking-up new digital marketing campaigns might sound glamorous (and profitable) to an advertising executive, it won’t help your bottom line today. Successful advertising don’t just happen, they are forged out of experience and discipline. Success is an achievement, earned through hard-work and dedication.

Does Your AdWords Campaign Need Help?

Did you know that you could be missing out on potential customers if your ecommerce store is not properly optimized? You may be paying more money for your advertising than tour direct competitors. And if your advertising is not relevant and fresh, you’re probably not even maintaining a consistent digital marketing edge in your niche.

Example: Optimizing your Google AdWords account is the first step in achieving more more conversions, so make a decision today to stop overspending on your AdWords advertising. Everyone wants to achieve more ecommerce conversions, while utilizing fewer resources; that’s the definition of optimization. Having a fresh set of experienced eyes on your ecommerce digital marketing campaigns can drastically increase conversions and can even lower costs.

Paid Advertising: Quantity -vs- Quality

Paid and display advertising increases the volume of traffic to your ecommerce site, but did you know that if not setup and managed correctly the quality of traffic to your site can actually decrease conversions?

Simple changes to your paid ecommerce such as increasing your keyword scores, can drastically change the cost per click of your entire ecommerce campaign!

While your sales may be increasing, your acquisition costs may actually be increasing as well. When your ecommerce campaigns are not accurately promoting your products and truly speaking to your customers, your acquisition costs could very well be increasing with (or without) your knowledge.
Acquisition costs are a slippery slope, whatever type of advertising campaigns you are running. You need a company who understands all of the variables needed to drive conversions, while closely maintaining your finely tuned and calibrated acquisition costs.

Paid Advertising

If you’re new to paid advertising then you definitely want to get as educated as possible, before diving into the deep end. You will need to know how clicks are charged, and what happens after a potential customer clicks on your ad. Some questions to help:

  1. Is my site optimized for leads collection or shopping cart conversions?
  2. Will AdWords customers find what they want on my site?
  3. What do I do if no one clicks on my ads?
  4. What do I do if people are clicking but not buying?

It’s easy to see how the questions can quickly outnumber the answers but don’t worry, Attain SEO who can help you turn clicks into sales or leads with years of PPC and display advertising experience.

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