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  • 16 Dec

    Where Does Ecommerce Marketing Inspiration Come From?

    Is your marketing inspired by creativity, wisdom, influence or desperation? Finding the right inspiration for your digital marketing can improve both the tone of the message and the actual content of the message.

    One of the best ways to find inspiration is to look at examples of successful campaigns. To look at valid sources, you should subscribe to newsletters or subscriptions to companies that publish examples of successful ads and track marketing activities of industry leaders.

    Inspired Digital Marketing for Success

    It’s important to note that you need to understand why something worked in order to apply it to your business. Blindly copying the content of an advertising campaign without knowing what elements made it work may result in failure. Not everything will be directly applicable to your business, whereas knowing what made a campaign work makes it adaptable to your business.

    If you have some experience under your belt, you can rely on your wisdom for inspiration. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. A marketing campaign doesn’t have to be something completely new. You can back track to what has worked in the past and build your foundations on proven campaigns. For example, if an email marketing promotion during Christmas of last year was a big hit, why not adapt the same angle to this year’s Thanksgiving or Black Friday promotion?

    Being Creative and Original is Always a Challenge

    If you haven’t found out already being creative and original is always a challenge. A creative campaign may give you the label of a genius if the campaign is a big hit but creativity can also back fire. Being too creative can completely miss the mark. You have to ask yourself if you’re being creative for creativity’s sake and remind yourself that if you can get the job. With that said, some campaigns are less risky and your creativity can (and should) run wild with very little restrictions.

    The one thing that you don’t want to do is to rely on desperation. When you are desperate, you look for shortcuts that will not only hurt your campaign, but also hurt your credibility. If you feel desperate to come up with something take a step back to breathe and look for solid sources of inspiration after a good break. That will help you get your head back into a creative zone. So before you start creating your next campaign, ask yourself: what inspires you?

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